ASDICA is a non-profit-making organisation located in the municipality of Calvià, founded in 1996, with the intention to work in favour of disabled persons and their families.

For more than 20 years we have dedicated our efforts in providing complementary services to those offered by the different authorities with the aim to defend the rights of disabled persons in our municipality and to provide them, within our possibilities, with a normalized life.

In order to achieve our objectives we are lucky to count with magnificent professional workers in all the fields we are working in as well as the invaluable help of numerous volunteers and collaborators.

The times we are living in have obliged us to make ourselves present in the world of social networks, as we have done for some years now in Facebook. However, the moment has come to have our own website, indicating in clear and well-structured manner the reality and objectives of our association.

So, welcome to our portal of ASDICA!

Information of interest

  • Area of operation: Municipality of Calvià
  • Federated with:COORDINDORA – Federation of the Balearic Islands of persons with disabilities (Federación Balear de Personas con Discapacidad – COCEMFE BALEARES).
  • Associates: ASDICA gathers persons with disabilities of all kinds: physical, intellectual and sensory, persons with problems of mental health and affected by organic and/or degenerating diseases.
  • Objectives(Article no.5 of the Statutes):
    • The defence of the rights of persons with psychic, physical or sensorial disabilities.
    • Altruistic collaboration with all associates in order to achieve the principal objective, which is the defence of the rights of disabled persons.
    • Planning and undertaking of actions, recognition and services focussed at the promotion and incorporation of disabled persons.
    • Advice for disabled persons or for the representatives about the problems and difficulties affecting them.
    • Providing all sorts of activities aimed at raising social awareness about our problems.
    • Proposals to official organisms and public or private entities, focussed at defending the rights of disabled persons.
    • Representation of affected persons in the organisms of citizen participation in order to work on proposals of incorporation.
    • Any other aim supposing the promotion of disabled persons and the improvement of the environment they deserve.

Fact sheet

  • Registry of Legal Entities of the CAIB: 2.972
  • Registry of Associations in Calvià Council: 69
  • Entity undertaking activities in the field of social action: 170
  • Registry of Entities providing services to young people: G063 C103
  • CIF (tax ID): G – 07778285
  • Federated to COORDINADORA. Federación Balear de Personas con Discapacidad (Federation of the Balearic Islands of persons with disabilities).

Main office:
Centro CREC. C/Ocell del paradís, 18.
07181 Son Ferrer – Calvià
Mobile: 686 300 999 – Tel.:971 23 16 02 – Fax: 971 23 14 22