Grupo de Jovenes



Grupo de Jóvenes is a socio-educational service with the aim to encourage and further social skills as well as providing quality leisure time, directed at adolescents and youngster with intellectual disabilities resident in the municipality of Calvia.

We offer the adolescents the possibility to form relationships in groups to enjoy times of leisure together. However, our task has also educational purposes and focusses on working on social skills, communication and cognitive issues, hence favouring the learning of guidelines related to the development and maturation process of the adolescents.

The project does not interfere with assistance of our members in their special work centres, occupational workshops or education, as the activities of this service are carried out from Monday to Friday in the afternoons and on weekends.

The objectives pursued by the project are the following:

  • Encourage and normalizing the leisure time of adolescents with intellectual disabilities in Calvia, with the aim to facilitate their integration in the community.
  • Training of interaction skills on a personal level and in groups as well as encouraging the learning of strategies for an autonomous development within the community
  • Offering a time of respite to the families

We aim at:

  • Adolescents and young adults. (From 13 years of age).
  • Residents in the municipality of Calvia or closely linked to Calvia.
  • Processing the condition of intellectual disability with certificate of disability.

The service integrates a combination of activities, which give form to the project “Grupo de Jovenes”:

  • Leisure outings: Activities of leisure or free time on weekends. The outings are always to open spaces, using public and private resources, looking for the integration of the adolescents in a normalized environment of the Community.
  • Theatre Group: An activity offered during the week, focussed on maintaining and improving the linguistic capacities of the adolescents (listening, talking, reading and writing) in order to encourage and further the work in a group.
  • Zumba/Pilates: Physical activity offered during the week. Complementarity of Zumba, dancing activity, good fun, generation of endorphins and body toning; with Pilates, a discipline providing relaxation, flexibility and better self-knowledge of the body.
    The combination of both disciplines being a perfect tandem for the adolescents’ physical well-being.
  • Batucada: Activity offered during the week. The adolescents work on concentration and improving the mood using percussion, which does furthermore improve their physical energy.
  • Painting workshop: Occasional offered activity during the week, where the adolescents let their creativity flow by means of the art of graphic representation.
  • Cohabitation in groups: During the year we offer various activities in group, aiming to work on the skills of an independent life, living in apartments and on camping trips, during which the adolescents reinforce and learn tasks of autonomous life: responsibility for personal belongings, cleaning and tidiness, order, consensus in decisions with companions….
  • Travels: This activity is the one most aimed at’ family respite and it is a great incentive for the boys and girls in the group to be able to go on a trip with their friends.

Heading the service are:

  • Social Worker.
  • Psychologist.
  • Leisure monitor.
  • Volunteer team.