The psychological service focuses on two work blocks with well-differentiated initiatives:
On one side,
Educational workshops for adolescents with intellectual disabilities: Methodology of working in groups by means of practical and theoretical learning, focussing on the following areas:

  • Social skills.
  • Control and handling of emotions.
  • Communication.
  • Knowledge and the use of the Internet and Social Networks.
  • Sexuality.

And on the other side:,

Psychological assistance: Personalized assistance for persons with disabilities finding themselves confronted with psychologically and/or emotionally incapacitating situations without having the necessary tools to resolve them.

The main objective of the service is to improve the state of the person for better personal well-being.

We aim at persons with physical and intellectual disabilities as well as their family members..

Heading the service are:

  • Social Worker.
  • Psychologist.